Sketchbook Work: Taffy Jack


Taffy Jack BLOG

Taffy Jack looks like he’s up for some mischief on this “Wickedly Twisted Weirdo Wednesday” my friends! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Jack and I hope everyone has a WONDERFULLY WEIRD day! 

Sketchbook Work: Three Mouths Murray


3 Mouths Murray BLOG

Oh no!! Three Mouths Murray is hacking-up a storm on this “Monster Coughing Monday” my friends!! Murray and I hope everyone has a MONSTROUSLY MARVELOUS AND HEALTHY day! 

Sketchbook Work: Proboscis Chris


Proboscis Chris BLOG

Proboscis Chris has stopped by this morning for a cup of coffee and some nasal spray on this “Weirdo Nose Wednesday” my friends. Lol! Chris and I hope everyone has a WONDERFULLY WEIRD day! 

Sketchbook Work: Stylin’ Lyle


Stylin' Lyle BLOG

Happy “Silly Sketch Saturday” my friends!! Tonight’s dopey doodle features this wild hair, trippy triclops!! Lol!! I hope everyone is having an AWESOME weekend!!

Sketchbook Work: The Prostate Protector


Prostate Protector BLOG

To celebrate the start of the 2019 Motor City Comic Con, I’m designating today as “Freaky Superhero Friday” my friends!! Tonight’s twisted ‘toon features a hero to men all around the world, ages 50 and up….THE PROSTATE PROTECTOR!!!!! Lol!! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!

Sketchbook Work: Petey Feet


Petey Feet BLOG

Petey Feet is dashing through town this morning to wish all of us a very happy “Freaky Runner Friday” my friends!! Petey and I hope everyone has a FREAKISHLY GOOD day and a VERY HAPPY WEEKEND!!