Sketchbook Work: Topiary Terry


Topiary Terry BLOG

Topiary Terry has graciously agreed to be the spokesmodel for this “Freaky Hairdo Friday” my friends! Gary and I hope everyone has a FREAKISHLY GOOD DAY and a VERY HAPPY WEEKEND!!

Sketchbook Work: Ben and Dover


Ben and Dover BLOG

Ben and Dover have stopped by this afternoon to celebrate this “Thilly Thiblings Thursday” my friends! Lol! We hope everyone is having a THUPER DUPER DAY!

Sketchbook Work: Richie and Stitchy


Richie and Stitchy BLOG

Richie and Stitchy are here to celebrate this “Wicked Siblings Wednesday” my friends! Richie, Stitchy and I hope everyone has a WICKEDLY GOOD DAY!!! 

Sketchbook Work: Batty Matty


Batty Matty BLOG

Batty Matty has swung by this morning to wish all of us a very happy “Trippy Sports Tuesday” my friends!! Matty and I hope everyone has a TERRIFICALLY TRIPPY day!! Lol!

Sketchbook Work: Neptune June


Neptune June BLOG

Neptune June has landed here today to wish all of us a very happy “Interplanetary Monster Monday” my friends!! June and I hope everyone has a MONSTROUSLY GOOD day!! 

Freelance Illustration: Jared the “Ham Fisted” Maintenance Man


Jared Jumbly BLOG

Happy “Fun Commission Friday” my friends!! Here is an illustration I was commissioned to draw by my friend David Shaefer based on the “ham fisted” maintenance man at his work. Thank you Dave for the commission and your continued support!! Please message me if you’d like to hire me to create an original twisted ‘toon, kooky creature or creepy caricature of you or someone you know! I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and a VERY HAPPY WEEKEND!! 

Sketchbook Work: Screwy Louie


Screwy Louie BLOG

Wow!! Screwy Louie is all charged up on this “Thilly Monthter Thursday” my friends!! Louie and I hope everyone is having a THUPER DUPER day!!

Sketchbook Work: Sidney Cerebrum


Sidney Cerebrum BLOG

Oh my!! It looks like Sidney Cerebrum is racing out of control on this “Wild Brain Wednesday” my friends!! Sidney and I hope everyone has a WILDLY GOOD and PEACEFUL day! 

Sketchbook Work: Johnny Tequila


Johnny Tequila BLOG

It’s no surprise that I’ve got Margarita’s on the brain on this “Tequila Cocktail Tuesday” my friends! Lol! I hope everyone has a TRULY TERRIFIC day!! 

Sketchbook Work: Bobby Rocks and Slop


Bobby Rocks and Slop BLOG

Bobby Rocks and Slop are bringing the hard rock energy on this “Monster Metal Tongue Monday” my friends!! Bobby, Slop and I hope everyone has a MONSTROUSLY MARVELOUS day!!