Sketchbook Work: Shirby Yurg


Shirby Yurg BLOG

Shirby Yurg has landed here just in time for lunch on this “Trippy Extraterrestrial Tuesday” my friends! Shirby and I hope everyone is having a TERRIFICALLY TRIPPY day!! 

Sketchbook Work: Ben and Dover


Ben and Dover BLOG

Ben and Dover have stopped by this afternoon to celebrate this “Thilly Thiblings Thursday” my friends! Lol! We hope everyone is having a THUPER DUPER DAY!

Sketchbook Work: Lunar Louie


Lunar Louie BLOG

OH MY!!! Lunar Louie is clearly out of control on this “Trippy Moon Tuesday” my friends! Lol! Louie and I hope everyone has a TERRIFICALLY TRIPPY day!

Sketchbook Work: Twisty Tim


Twisty Tim BLOG

Twisty Tim has wiggled his way here this morning to wish all of us a very happy “Merry Monster Monday” my friends! Tim and I hope everyone has a MONSTROUSLY MARVELOUS day!! 

Sketchbook Work: Zipline Lenny


Zipline Lenny BLOG

Zipline Lenny is hungry for adventure on this “Free Wheelin’ Freaky Friday” my friends! Lenny and I hope everyone has a FREAKISHLY FANTASTIC FRIDAY and a VERY HAPPY AND SAFE WEEKEND!! 😀

Sketchbook Work: On-The-Go Moe


On The Go Moe BLOG

On-The-Go Moe is rolling through town on this “Thurreal Thingy Thursday” my friends! Moe and I hope everyone has a THUPER DUPER day!! 😀

Sketchbook Work: Gullible Gus


Gullible Gus BLOG

Oh my!! It looks like Gullible Gus is feeling really confused on this “Morally Torn Tuesday” my friends! Gus and I hope everyone has a TRULY TERRIFIC day! 😀

Sketchbook Work: Loogie Louie


Loogie Louie BLOG

Loogie Louie is sniffling and sneezing his way through this “Freaky Allergies Friday” my friends! Louie and I hope everyone has a FREAKISHLY GOOD day and a VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY weekend!