Sketchbook Work: Richie and Stitchy


Richie and Stitchy BLOG

Richie and Stitchy are here to celebrate this “Wicked Siblings Wednesday” my friends! Richie, Stitchy and I hope everyone has a WICKEDLY GOOD DAY!!! 

shapsnots – Lazlow

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In addition to my Johnny Toons blog, I had started a different cartoon blog a couple of years ago called “shapsnots”  (

The basic idea was a collection of weird characters who represented my family, friends, neighbors, etc. I stopped doing the blog early in 2012 because I didn’t have the time to keep up with it, however I still get hits on it.  In fact, I received some cartoon love today for this particular cartoon.  A big thanks to Blackboard Daze! 🙂

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