NEW Updated Zombie Fish Bits In Apple App Store!!!

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Today is a REALLY exciting day for me and the company I work for, Primal Math!! Our new app, Zombie Fish Bits is now available in the Apple App Store!!!  I’m very proud of Zombie Fish Bits especially due to the fact that I created all the characters, artwork and animation!  Zombie Fish Bits is a fun, entertaining math learning game for the iPad and iPhone.  It teaches young players fundamental math concepts without all the memorization and flash card learning that you see in other math games.  The game features 3 levels of difficulty with 30 rounds in each level!!  In addition to the game, the player gets to take care of their own pet fish by feeding them and dressing them.  By playing the game, players can also earn dozens of collectible fish and items to populate their aquarium!!  Please check it out at the Apple App Store or learn more at our website at  Thanks!!!

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